Adrienne Mannov

Technical Officer
United States
PhD, Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


Dr. Adrienne Mannov joined WMU from the University of Copenhagen, Department of Anthropology. Mannov is a social anthropologist, specializing in political and economic anthropology. She received both her MA and PhD from the Department of Anthropology in Copenhagen, where she has also been an external lecturer, teaching at the anthropology department and at the cross-disciplinary Global Development Program. She joins the World Maritime University as a Technical Officer, one of the researchers on the Technical Assessment project, and will be addressing the impact of technology and automation on maritime and transportation sector jobs.

Dr. Mannov’s research focuses on themes of conflict, state-building and human and civil rights. Growing out of this interest, her doctoral research addressed international merchant seafarers’ perceptions of contemporary maritime piracy. She conducted 16 months of field research on board merchant cargo ships trading and transiting the High Risk Area and the Gulf Guinea, on board a NATO deployed war ship in the High Risk Area and in major maritime labor supply countries among seafarers and their families, maritime training centers, seafarers’ unions, shipping companies, crewing companies,  and maritime NGOs.

Mannov’s comprehensive work has led to invitations to speak at conferences and seminars all over the world. With a background in the performing arts before her academic career, she is an animated and insightful lecturer, both in the classroom and the lecture hall. She enjoys teaching students on all levels. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in forging new methodological approaches to global fieldwork and cross-disciplinary collaboration and seeks innovative approaches to anthropological practice and thinking.

Dr. Mannov is originally from the United States, and has spent most of her life in Germany, Austria and Denmark, where she lives today.